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We can assist you to make your dream come true to secure your own home.

The Rent2buy Finance approved areas are : Cape Town Metropole, Bloemfontein and Gauteng.

The price ranges are R400 000 – R1,8 million. 

A deposit is required.

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We assist the Purchaser

Rent2Buy Standard

We assist by:
Building-up and establishing a good credit record.
Enabling the Purchaser to exercise the Option and buy the Property prior to the lapsing of the Option Period, when the bond approval will be in reach.

During the Option Period, the Purchaser will rent the property and assume the responsibilities of a property owner and he/she will pay:

Rent equal to his/her intended bond instalment
Rates, taxes and levies and will be responsible for the maintenance of the property as if he/she was an owner.

Saving towards a deposit.

A portion of the additional rental can be credited the Purchaser on transfer.

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Own your own home

“We mentor and guide the Rent2buy buyer during the full Rent2buy term, and also assist them with a home loan application just before the expiry of the Rent2buy term. One lending institution even asked to partner with us, as they realised that when a Rent2buy buyer applies for a home loan at the end of the Rent2buy term, it is supported with a full history and proof of regular payments of an instalment that is as close as possible to a future home loan instalment, and also supplemented with a strong credit score and other up to date financial documentation.”



De Waal's inspiration to start Rent2Buy and My Budget Fitness came from his company’s participation in raising funds and subsequently constructing houses in the Mfuleni township project.

A home owner had to enroll in a 6-month continual savings program in order to qualify for a house

If the potential home owner failed to meet this commitment, he/she had to re-start the 6- month contribution period
The challenges that these potential home owners had to overcome in order to acquire their homes, together with establishing a track record and maintaining such, planted the seed for De Waal to find a creative solution.


Meyer De Waal

Meyer De Waal








What they say

"Hi Meyer,

THANK YOU for assisting us to experience this AMAZING solution of becoming “Proud NEW HOME OWNERS”
We are all BLOWN AWAY at the manner you have assisted us all to achieve this property transaction.

We will all be spreading the word.

The service you and Mark have handed to us has exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you Meyer it has been a true Blessing meeting you and Mark without you this would never have been possible.

Wishing you every success with your launch of this amazing solution.

Have a great day."

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About Rent2Buy

To convince a bank that they must approve a home loan so that you can buy your own home, you must prove to them that you have a good and solid credit rating and the affordability to pay back the home loan installments each month. If you have a deposit available it will strengthen your application.

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